The Copperhead 3D Printer

"Touch your imagination"
Rigid structure

The Copperhead is built to be sturdy and reliable.

Rack and Pinion system

The machine uses Rack and Gear systems instead of belts.

Stationary Feed system

The machine has a moving platform that moves in 3 directions while the extruder is in a fixed position.


3D Printing educational program
Updating your classroom with 3D printing

Teaching a new technology, like 3D printing, in schools can be more difficult for teachers than it sounds. Acadian Robotics has created a curriculum that teachers will receive when purchasing the Copperhead 3D Printer. The curriculum contains curriculum guides, lesson plans, videos, and other types of material that will prepare students for a career in STEM. At Acadian Robotics, we want to help meet the teachers’ needs, so that they can meet the needs of their students. Whether a teacher needs help on a technical level, (which includes school techs, technology teachers, etc.); or on a professional development (which includes teachers, librarians, etc.), Acadian Robotics offers different training classes that meet the need of most school curriculums.

  • Technology Training Class

    IT technicians within your school/organization. Robot/Technology teachers within your school. Science teachers at the middle or high school. This training class is designed to assist with the assembly of the Copperhead 3D printer. It allows a person to know every part of the printer, troubleshooting techniques, and skills to fix the printer if ever needed.

  • Professional Development Training

    2 day classes for teachers

  • Interactive Classes

    1 day class in which students can learn, ask questions, and interact with our instructor.

Our Team

Robb Perkins
Manufacturing/Research & Development
Craig Billings
3D modeling and technical support
Bree Perkins, M. Ed.
Executive Director of Educational Development

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